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Export tax rebate

Acting for clients to handle export tax rebate and verification procedures to help clients refine their costs
Export tax rebate
Export tax rebate

  Acting as an agent for clients to handle "export tax rebate and verification" procedures

  Export tax rebate refers to the refund of the value-added tax and consumption tax paid in accordance with the tax law in the domestic production and circulation links of goods declared for export to my country in the international trade business, that is, the export link refunds the previous tax payment link.

  As an international common practice, export tax rebates can reduce the overall tax burden of exported goods to zero and avoid international double taxation.

  Generally, there are two types: The first is the refund of import taxes, that is, when the export product companies use imported raw materials or semi-finished products, they will be refunded the import taxes they have paid when they are processed into products for export; When a commodity is declared for export, the domestic tax paid for the production of the commodity shall be refunded. Export tax rebates are conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of domestic products in the international market and are adopted by countries all over the world.

  Simple regulation of export tax rebates requires the following three conditions:

  (1) Actual customs declaration and export of goods;

  (2) Receipt of full remittance;

  (3) Receive the corresponding special value-added tax invoice (the content of the invoice must be consistent with the content on the customs declaration);

  After the above three conditions are met, you can declare the tax refund like your tax bureau within the declaration period. Generally, if you declare successfully in the current month, you can get the tax refund in the current month.