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Shanghai import and export agency will develop better and better in the future

Release time: 2020-11-03

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Shanghai import and export agency will develop better and better in the future

  Generally speaking, the import and export agency is: the client entrusts the import and export business to the agency company to realize and operate. Regardless of whether your company has the right to import and export operations, you can entrust the import and export business to professional institutions. You should not spend too much time and cost to explore import and export links, and use agency qualifications, resources and channels. It is reasonable and wise to realize import and export business quickly and conveniently.

  The components of Shanghai Import and Export Agency not only include transportation and storage that make it possible to move objects in indoor space and time, but also various related themed activities to ensure the smooth migration or movement of objects. The freight logistics industry chain is a comprehensive emerging industry with cross-industry and cross-department collaboration. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, rich internal letters, and cannot be verified by one measurement. Therefore, the internal letters of the index value are unique.

  The scope of Shanghai import and export agents usually includes: foreign trade negotiations, signing import and export contracts in accordance with international practices, tracking the progress of contract implementation, contacting international logistics and transportation, chartering, purchasing insurance, import and export approval documents, and import and export Chinese. label. Commodity inspection, sanitary inspection and application procedures of other regulatory agencies, preparation of various professional documents in international trade, customs declaration, commodity inspection, sanitary inspection, foreign exchange payment letter of credit or wire transfer settlement and the entire international trade process, such as verification and cancellation of foreign exchange Settlement and sales as well as processing export tax rebates.

  Actively expanding export trade and continuously increasing foreign exchange income is the overall policy of my country's export trade. This is the prerequisite and key to expanding imports, using foreign capital on a large scale, and developing foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation. Import trade, like export trade, occupies an important strategic position in the national economy. In addition, the development of import trade is an important force in expanding export trade.

  Expand imports of daily necessities and other consumer goods. On the basis of developing production, continuously improving the people's material and cultural living standards is the fundamental purpose of all our economic activities. In order to improve the people's material and cultural living standards, it is necessary to further increase consumption levels, expand consumption areas, and optimize consumption structure. By expanding imports of consumer goods, we can better meet people's increasingly fast consumption levels. The import of consumer goods should pay attention to two aspects: on the one hand, certain basic consumer goods such as grains must be imported; on the other hand, according to production and living needs, different levels of consumer goods should be imported to meet different levels of domestic consumption levels, such as high distribution Cars etc.

  For goods that have been levied on value-added tax or value-added tax and consumption tax, unless the country understands the rules for non-refundable (exempt) goods, but after the goods are cleared and financially sold, they are all exported goods refunded (duty-free). The departure here means that the goods are separated from the territory within the jurisdiction of the customs. Goods transported to special enclosed areas under customs supervision, such as export processing zones and bonded logistics parks, should also be regarded as departures. Tax rebates are not available for unexported goods, unexported goods and goods for which export certificates cannot be provided.