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What preparations need to be made before trading for import and export trading companies

Release time: 2020-11-03

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What preparations need to be made before trading for import and export trading companies

  Import and export trade mainly involves the buying and selling of commodities. The important thing is information and business channels. They must have commodity sources and sales targets, and generate certain profits. The general process of export trade: quotation, order, payment method, inventory, packaging, customs clearance procedures, shipment, transportation insurance, bill of lading, foreign exchange settlement.

  When the customs is sampling the goods, the parties concerned shall be present at the designated time required by the customs and be responsible for the transportation, unpacking and sealing of the goods, and assist the customs in sampling. When the customs considers it necessary, it can take samples directly.

  The samples collected at the customs site should be copied and sealed on site. At the same time fill in the "China Customs Import and Export Goods Inspection and Appraisal Application Form" (hereinafter referred to as the application form). After being signed by the customs officer and relevant parties, the customs will send the application form and samples to the laboratory; another application form, the samples are kept at the customs for future reference.

  Import and export trading companies Some companies want to do foreign trade, but they do not have import and export rights. An export agency company is a company with import and export rights, which can help companies or individuals without import and export rights to engage in import and export trade business. The import and export trade process is more complicated. If the company lacks talents who understand import and export trade, and does not know much about import and export trade, then establishing a business will be very troublesome and time-consuming. Import and export trade involves the trade rules of different countries. Professional import and export agency companies are familiar with the trade rules of various countries and understand the risks of import and export, which can effectively help customers control and avoid risks. Professional import and export agency companies can provide financing, prepaid financing and other services, and their business methods are flexible, which can provide customers with a broader business development platform.

  Import and export trading company refers to the legal act by which the consignee or its agent announces the import procedure and pays import tax to the customs. According to the declarant’s statement, the customs can only release it after confirming that it is correct. Do you know the specific process of import declaration?

  1. The import and export trading company prepares the documents required for import declaration. Specifically include: checklists, invoices, contracts, copies of customs declarations and inspection power of attorneys, and import licenses. Those who have a tax deduction certificate will provide a tax deduction certificate manual.

  2. It is necessary to replace the delivery notice, original bill of lading or telex guarantee.

  3. After import declaration, if the customs requires a price review, relevant price certificates are required. A series of documents, such as letter of credit, original factory insurance policy, original factory invoice.

  4. After the customs has printed the tax form, the customer must pay the tax within 7 working days. If it is overdue, a late fee will be charged.

  5. The goods can be picked up and released after tax collection. In addition, the goods must be declared to the customs within two weeks of arrival at the port. If the goods are overdue, a late fee will be charged. If there is no customs declaration more than three months old, the customs will treat it as non-owned goods.

  6. Bring the goods to the customs supervision warehouse.